/A bride was given a surprise chicken nugget bouquet by her maid of honor at her wedding

A bride was given a surprise chicken nugget bouquet by her maid of honor at her wedding

  • A maid of honor surprised a bride with a bouquet made of chicken nuggets during her wedding speech.
  • Jenna Spetz, the maid of honor, told Insider the bride was “grinning form ear to ear” when she got the bouquet.
  • It was provided by Tyson Foods, who also gifted the newlyweds a year’s supply of nuggets.
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Novelty food bouquets at weddings aren’t anything new — we’ve had doughnut bouquets, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup bouquets, and even bacon bouquets.

But one maid of honor upped the stakes by surprising the bride on her wedding day with a bouquet of chicken nuggets.

Jenna Spetz was making a speech at her cousin Blair Hardy’s wedding to Adam Tyson when, unbeknownst to the bride and groom, she brought out a bouquet of nuggets.

nugget bouquet bride

The bride enjoying her nugs.
Jenna Spetz

The nuggets were provided by Tyson Foods, and were chosen to commemorate Hardy becoming a Tyson.

“[Blair] has always LOVED dino nuggets and was marrying a man with the last name Tyson, so it really was a match made in heaven,” Spetz told Insider.

“When I was thinking about my speech, I was trying to come up with something I could surprise Blair with. Nuggets immediately came to mind. I wasn’t sure at what medium though or how I would even pull something like that off.”

She decided to contact Tyson Foods, and the company actually came up with the idea of the nugget bouquet.

“I really didn’t expect my inquiry to go any further than an auto-reply from customer service,” Spetz said.

“I went into this thinking, ‘They probably get thousands of emails a day and I’m sure this won’t go anywhere but it’s worth a shot!’ So needless to say, this is all still so mind-blowing.

“Their PR team immediately reached out and wanted to be apart of the surprise! Once they got involved, everything seemed to fall into place. The team went above and beyond my expectations to the point of sending a NUGGET. BOUQUET. I never even thought of that!!!

“They also had dino-nuggets catered locally and presented them to ALL of the wedding guests so I could do a nugget toast at the end of my speech.”

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It was Tyson Foods who contacted the florist to make the bouquet happen too.

On the day of the wedding, Spetz kept the bouquet a surprise: “I had my wife bring the nugget bouquet in a box to the reception and prior to our introductions, I hid the box behind the stage,” she explained.

Judging by the photos Spetz posted on Instagram of the big day, which took place at the Park Inn Radisson Hotel in Toledo, Ohio, the bride was thrilled by her nugget surprise.

“Blair’s reaction was priceless! She was grinning from ear to ear and giggling,” Spetz said.

nugget bouquet bride groom

The bride and groom react to the nugget bouquet.
Jenna Spetz

Although the groom looks somewhat less excited in one of the photos, Spetz says he was in fact “living for it.”

“Blair of course ate the dino-nuggets from the toast immediately!” the maid of honor continued. “I actually think it was pretty ironic that the wedding party/guests had ‘chicken or beef’ as their dinners and Blair paid extra to have nuggets and fries.”

“A HUGE thank you to @tysonbrand for helping me pull off this EPIC nugget toast! I think the bride’s more excited for nugs than her new hubby!” Spetz wrote on Instagram.

The bride was also sent a letter by Tyson Foods’ president and CEO Noel White.

nugget bouquet letter

The letter sent to the bride.
Jenna Spetz

“We heard from a little birdie that you’re spreading your wings and getting married today, and we couldn’t be happier to be part of your celebration,” the letter read.

“It’s often said that the first year of marriage can be the most exciting, but also one of the most challenging. So to help you get through it, we’d love to offer you a year’s worth of Tyson Fun Nuggets and a few bite-sized pieces of advice:

  • Always begin and end each day with kisses and nugs.
  • Remind each other how dino-mite you are together.
  • Double-dipping will only bring you closer.
  • Never go to bed angry (unless he ate the last nugget).

“Wishing you many years of marital bliss, from one Tyson family to another.”

Spetz added: “The year supply of nuggets haven’t arrived yet but I’m sure those won’t last the full year.”

Nothing says true love like nugs.

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